Home Gyms Review

If you're thinking of buying a home gym, you're ready for a convenient, private workout you could never get at the gym. Maybe you have spent countless years purchasing gym memberships, only to struggle to find open machines to get the workout you need. Or maybe you're sick of driving across town to an overpriced facility where you don’t know who used the machine before or what germs they carried, and you invariably have to adjust positioning and replace weights to what you can handle. At a public gym, none of the equipment is yours and it shows. But what if you were to get a home gym you could call your own?

Purchasing a home gym is a considerable investment as they cost more than most individual machines. But when you consider how many different workout machines are crammed into this one device, the money saved in comparison to buying each individual unit is incredible. A single home gym could contain a flat, incline and decline bench press, shoulder press, calf press, rowing machine, squat assist and more. Expensive as they are, a home gym fully replaces the need for a gym membership and saves you the time of commuting without sacrificing the effect of your workout.

Home Gyms: What to Look For

When purchasing a home gym, you have different choices for the types of units you use. Some home gyms use free weights, whereas others use resistance rods. Some consist of multiple stations and even accommodate multiple users, whereas others are a single station with settings to switch workouts. Below are the main criteria to factor in when shopping for your home gym solution.

Exercise Stations
The purpose of a home gym is to create a comprehensive workout solution that eliminates the need for multiple workout machines. The best gym equipment setup you’ll find will offer dozens of workout positions and stations on the unit. It’s quite common for a single home gym to have more than 40 different exercises on the device, ensuring you get a well-rounded workout routine in place.

Weight System
Home fitness equipment will offer one of two weight systems: free weights or resistance rods. Each has its own inherent benefits. Free-weight systems are typically utilized for heavy-duty workout stations and resistance rods for more compact units. Resistance rods aren’t as universally accepted as free weights, and are thus harder to find.

Consider the fact you’ll be handling heavy home gym equipment and then placing even heavier weights onto that equipment, and make sure your floor can handle the total weight. Also, think about whether the frame of home exercise equipment is rated to handle your weight with the addition of built-in or free weights. Lastly, be sure the machine you buy will fit into the room you intend to keep it in. You'll want to check these measurements well before your equipment arrives.

Home gyms are made of many different moving parts, and they need to handle heavy loads. If the construction of the unit is sub-par, it can result in many pieces breaking or otherwise failing. The warranty protects against these defects and ensures you continue to benefit from working out in your home. Many units offer lifetime warranties on specific parts like the frame, but the models worth considering are those that have such a warranty protecting everything from bearings to the padding.

The home gym fills a very important role in increasing the diversity of your home workout. Rather than spending money on individual machines that only cater to a limited range of exercise positions, consider a home gym to maximize the results of your workout.

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